JH001 // College Hoodie
JH001F // Girlie College Hoodie
JH001J // Kids Hoodie
JH003 // Varsity Hoodie
JH003J // Kids Varsity Hoodie
JH004 // Electric Hoodie
JH004J // Kids Electric Hoodie
JH005 // Girlie Longline Hoodie
JH008 // Heather Hoodie
JH013 // Superbright Hoodie
JH020 // Street Hoodie
JH030 // AWDis Sweat
JH030J // Kids AWDis Sweat
JH034 // Electric Sweat
JH034J // Kids Electric Sweat
JH040 // Heather Sweat
JH041 // College Jacket
JH043 // Varsity Jacket
JH043J // Kids Varsity Jacket
JH044 // Electric Varsity Jacket
JH045 // Girlie Heather Sweat
JH046 // Sophomore ¼ Zip Sweat
JH047 // Fresher Full Zip Sweat
JH050 // Zoodie
JH050J // Kids Zoodie
JH052 // Chunky Zoodie
JH053 // Varsity Zoodie
JH053J // Kids Varsity Zoodie
JH054 // Fur Lined Chunky Zoodie
JH055 // Girlie Zoodie
JH056 // Girlie Cropped Zoodie
JH057 // Sleeveless Zoodie
JH058 // Heather Zoodie
JH058J // Kids Heather Zoodie
JH059 // Retro Zoodie
JH070 // Campus Sweatpants
JH071J // Kid's Jogpants
JH072 // College Cuffed Jogpants
JH072J // Kid's Cuffed Jogpants
JH075 // Girlie Jogpants
JH076 // Girlie Cuffed Jogpants
JH080 // Campus Shorts
JH100 // Chunky Hoodie
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Just Hoods, the go-to brand for hoodies, zoodies, jackets and casualwear.

Our collection now includes a new selection of exciting colours as well as some fantastic new street-ready styles, including a cropped hoodie for women and a stylish sleeveless zoodie.

With 43 great styles and 67 great colours there’s a Just Hoods by AWDis product for everyone.

bringing colour into your life
43 great styles in 67 great colours
hoodies are here to stay